Making a Difference is Hard

I don’t know about you, but I constantly struggle with the sense that I need to be trying to make a positive difference in the world. Yikes, saying it like that makes it sound bad. Let me rephrase that: I … Continue reading

Fun with Telemarketers: Tax Trees

I think I’ve discovered the solution to the struggling American economy. Two words: Tax Trees. You’ve got to admit, it “trumps” many of the other ideas being set forth.  

ADHD: A Year Later


It was a year ago next month that I was diagnosed with ADHD, and my doctor prescribed Adderall. I wasn’t surprised by the diagnosis. I’d done enough research to know for myself that the fit was perfect, but I wanted to be … Continue reading

Book Review: Ice Cream Work, by Naoshi

If you’ve never heard of Sunae, a beautiful form of Japanese sand art, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Ice Cream Work, by Naoshi. Naoshi is a Japanese sand artist, and every page of this colorful book is … Continue reading

Rootstech 2016 Giveaway (3-Day Pass)

Yes, I’m about to offer a free pass to the 2016 Rootstech 3-day conference. But first I’d like to tell a little story about my last experience with Rootstech. I’ve been working on genealogy since I was a teenager. It … Continue reading

My New Gardening Website

If you’ve been following me for a long time–like a really really long time, you’ll know I love gardening. Well, with our recent move to a bigger property, I’m excited to document my gardening excursions–but it’s not going to be a … Continue reading

Weakness is Superpower in Disguise

Vocal Duet: If you Could Hie to Kolob

Sheet Music PDF download $3.95 MP3 Download $.99   Other vocal pieces by Chas Hathaway: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing Count Your Blessings Fly Gethsemane His Rain The Iron Rod Jesus, Lover of My Soul A Mighty Fortress Is … Continue reading

Change is Now



Book Review: Elf Tears, by K.A. Stoddard

If you’re a fan of high adventure, fantasy, magic, dragons, unicorns, and elves, (like I am) Elf Tears is a great read. It’s a fun story with nonstop action and great characters. Stoddard’s done a fantastic job weaving a beautiful … Continue reading

Marriage is Not Hard

Maybe Jenni and I are just weird, and maybe we’re naïve, since we’ve only been married 10 years, but we feel like marriage isn’t hard. Marriage is not tough. Life is tough. Life stinks sometimes. It can be excruciatingly painful … Continue reading


February Facebook Fast

So how about it? Are you up to the challenge? For one month—specifically, through the month of February, no Facebook. Logoff, and other than websites that use Facebook to login, No logging back in until March. It’s just for a … Continue reading

Onward, Christian Soldiers: Piano Solo Sheet Music

Called to Serve: Piano Solo Sheet Music

How To Get Yourself a Bowl of Cereal

A 19-Step Guide for Parents of Young Children 1. Decide to get yourself a bowl of cereal. This is a big one. Without the conscious decision, it will never happen. You’ve got to approach this whole-heartedly, or the enormity of … Continue reading


No wonder there’s never enough time. No wonder we grow up too fast. No wonder we’re always in a hurry. We aren’t native to time. Time is not our native state. We’re eternal beings locked in a world that’s governed … Continue reading

When There are No Words, God Still Hears

Let’s face it, there are sometimes when we kneel to pray, and the words don’t come. There are times when someone else is suffering so badly that we can’t begin to know how to help, let alone respond. There are … Continue reading

I Am Not a “Manly” Man

I have a confession to make. I’m no manly man. I’m sure this confession is no surprise to those who know me well, but others have a hard time accepting the fact.   Point 1: Ixnay on watching sports. I … Continue reading


Why I Stand with the Prophet in Every Issue

Some people are bothered by my statement that I stand by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on every issue. I’d like to talk about that for a few minutes, because it seems to come up often. I … Continue reading

If You Knew Who You Really Are…

If you knew who you really are… You’d forgive. You’d love life. You’d smile more. You’d stop hesitating. You’d give more freely. You’d never doubt again. You’d never fear the future. You’d be willing to make the hard choices. You’d … Continue reading

Ten Ways I See The World Different Than I Did 10 Years Ago

You know how teachers, parents, and dates always like to ask, “What do you see yourself doing in ten years?” Well, a lot has happened in the last ten years, and though I’m not where I expected to be, I’m … Continue reading

What Kind of Drum Would the Little Drummer Boy Have Used?

Someone on Facebook today asked, Why does every version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ use a snare drum? I’m pretty sure they didn’t have snare drums back then. And that a snare drum would make a baby cry. Maybe a little … Continue reading