0103-Overtones: The Life Review in the Near-Death Experience

In this episode, we discuss a most interesting aspect to the near-death experience: the life review. And lest you think it’s simply your life flashing before your eyes–just listen, you may be surprised.

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  1. Hello there Chas,

    I had tried to leave you a note a few weeks back but not sure if it went through as I kept receiving an error message upon trying to send.

    I wanted to let you know that I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated your podcast on near death experience. I am far from religious and have over the years been pretty soured on religion overall, but your podcast was done in such a fantastic way. You don’t exclude anyone’s views or prostrlatize, and do such a great job of leaving the door open a smidge for anyone’s feelings, opinions and interpretation. (I love your shelf metaphor)

    Just wanted to tell you I appreciate you and what you do greatly. I understand the pause, but if you decide to pick up, I’ll always be listening.

    Thanks again Chas,

    Sean Rogers

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