A New Approach to Scripture Study: Day 1


Basic Methods

1. Love Notes. Just open the scriptures and read the first verse you see. Consider it a love note from Heavenly Father.
2. Just read! This works great for chronic readers. Just start at the beginning and go through verse by verse. There is power in the chronology of the scriptures. Make a schedule for yourself. Set some goals.
3. Do a read, ponder, and pray cycle. Begin reading slowly, carefully pondering what you read, and pray briefly every thirty seconds or so, seeking better understanding and ways to liken the verses to your life. Ponder what you feel. Read more, ponder, and pray. Continue this cycle for the duration of your study.
4. Listen to the scriptures on CD or on the Internet. You can listen to all of the scriptures online or download them to your hand-held device at http://lds.org/audio

Scripture quote of the day:

Joseph B Wirthlin:

Every one of you can read something in the scriptures each day. You should spend some time pondering and studying the scriptures. It is better to read and ponder even one verse than none at all. I challenge each young man to read something in the scriptures every day for the rest of your lives. Few things you do will bring you greater dividends.

Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Growing into the Priesthood,” Ensign, Nov 1999, 38

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  1. So glad I stumbled upon this! I am new to all this but I am little bit frustrate by the first point you made. Nevertheless, these are good opinion!

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