An Experiment

I’ve decided to try something.  This is sort of my personal/family blog, and it has the least focus of all my blogs.  So I thought it might be cool to post the majority of the stuff I post on my other blogs and podcasts on this blog as well.  It’s kind of an experiment, so it might not last.  I’ll mostly just duplicate the stuff that is original content (meaning I wrote the words, made the video, or created the music, rather than just sharing something I found elsewhere on the Internet) when it’s from the other blogs.

If it works, this blog will get busier, but since the stuff going on in my other blogs are a big part of my life and family, they still fit the intent of this blog.

Let me know how it works for you who are reading!

Incidentally, here are my most regular blogs/podcasts:

Making Moments: My Daddy Blog (this one), and hence sometimes a humor blog as well.  If this experiment works, though, it’s going to get a little more scattered.

Overtones: My music blog/podcast.  Listen to my original music, musical thoughts, etc.  By the way, my second CD comes out in downloadable form at the end of this week!

Popcorn and Podcasting: An LDS podcast my wife and I do together.  We try to have a new post up every Saturday, but occasionally they go up late.

The Synergetic Novel: A collaborative weekly serial novel.  I should say up front that the reason the author is not posted on the site is because I hope there will eventually be many contributing authors – if the idea ever gets big enough to expand.  But so far I am the author, with the help of some of my fictional friends… and a lot of help from readers!

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