Arrangement Practice Series: Part 3

Practice Arrangement 3

This one has a lot of goofing up, but I think it also has one of the best possibilities so far.  Total ad-lib, or improv, or whatever you want to call it.

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  1. Tristi,

    Thanks so much!

    I’ve been reading some of your stuff, and you’ve got some incredible talent, too. I hope I can have some writing success someday like you have had.


    – Chas

  2. quiet contemplation is what comes to mind, i was enjoying having deep profound thoughts and than this voice comes on asking for feedback lol i love it. i dont notice chord chages cuse i am not very muciscal but i can tell you how i feel when ihear it. tpwards the end when you get a little speedier is like you found your thought and way and thats where your headed now and its a joyous thought so i really love the combo of the quiet thought than moves into finding that perfect thouht and way you wander into it and than when you bring in how firm a foundation you bring that wonderful praise to God while your on your way.

    i dont feel that i stand all amazed works with it for me but i am sure my mom who loves that song would prefer it that way.

    i think in a way maybe do it both ways i can see how i stand all amazed fits well i just prefer for myself how firm a foundation.

    hope all his helps.

  3. oveall its a beautiful pice i look forward to you perfectiong it and bringing it out on your CD its a very thought provoking song about thought and life and direction and how God and religion can come into it in the end.

  4. were you consciencly doing i stand all amazed if so the cord progression does not fir how firm a foundation. What program did you use?

  5. Hey Kyle!

    Good to find you on here! Yeah I was consciously doing I Stand All Amazed. I’m trying to come up with an arrangement of it, and this Arrangement Practice series is an attempt to show people what I go through to create an arrangement.

    Obviously this one needs some work. I didn’t think all the chord changes would work, but I thought I’d experiment to see if I could work something out between the two. I don’t think I will blend them, though I might try something with that upbeat style. Either way it will definitely need some work.

    I’m using Garage-band on a Mac. I really like it.

    For those of you who don’t know him, Kyle is an AMAZING musician. His talent puts mine to shame! I’d love to get your feedback on stuff all over this blog, Kyle.

    Good to find you here!

    – Chas

  6. I dont know Chas I think I am gonna has to dissagree with your statement about kyle putting your music to shame, kyle never wrote a beautiful song, named it after me and spent half a night recording it over and over agni to get it perfect for my wedding gift to me and Donald. thats pretty amazing to me.

  7. Kyle,

    No worries at all, I wouldn’t take it as an insult even for a moment. I’d FAR rather someone give honest feedback than say things just to be nice.

    Whoever coined the phrase “Temperamental artist” didn’t know much about the arts. If an artist is overly concerned about getting too much constructive criticism, then they’re obviously not concerned about helping their art reach it’s highest potential.

    Bring it on! I LOVE feedback! Especially from someone as accomplished as a musician as you are.

    – Chas

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