Be Thou My Vision

Be Thou My VisionI don’t know about you, but I sometimes find myself frustrated in my efforts to become all that my Father in Heaven wants me to be. There are so many voices, so many messages, so many possible answers to the everyday questions I’m faced with. It’s not that I’m struggling to decide whether or not to do what’s right, but I’m always struggling to know which thing is most right.

Should I be playing with mykids, or studying my scriptures? Should I fix my house or call a neighbor to see how he’s doing? Should I clean myhouse, or spend time with myspouse? Should I do another hour of work to support my family, or help my wife make dinner?

The toughest choices are often between good and good, and though the questions may sound trivial from a distance, they can really be really challenging in the moment. I sometimes wish I could get a quick, straight, yes or no from God. But He doesn’t usually work that way. He’s not just trying to tell me what to do, He wants to help me become what He needs me to be. Because of that, he let’s me decide. He’ll let me know if there’s something important He needs me to do right now, but otherwise, He wants me to make the choices.

Still, I think it’s always good to seek His will, even if the answers don’t come, so that when He does have something specific for me to do, I’m ready to do it. And the more I heed the direction He gives, the more I’ll learn to see as He sees, do as He would do, and feel what He feels.

Lord, be my eyes, words, thoughts, wisdom, home, strength, protection, armor, shelter, power, treasure, joy, and heart. Be exactly what you are: my everything.

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  1. I like your music I never Knew I found out your sight as I went through to get all the stuff of the sight before it shut down I got most of it of. and saved but not all. I really liked it but there were a lot of years we weren’t on so I didn’t see everything when it was posted. It was so nice to see Grandma writings and to get to know her more and also some of our other Ancestors. I wanted to be able to know them all and tell my children about them. I have some and sometimes I find some information on line I seen some of even Tony’s. I was able to get the stuff you have put on my My great grand father Charle Sjostrom wrote his and as far as he could go of his and their historys and I’m thankful he did and our Grandparents. My Mom wrote in a journals some years she wrote every day. I stared when I was 11 or 12 but gave it up for a long while because I never found time to do it. then in 1989 I started again I find I need to because my kids will ask me question about the past and I find going back to my journal helps. This school year Jay got ask for homework to write what he did for the weekend the he would always ask me and because things seem to go so fast or blend together I would look in it to answer his guestions. I find I to am always trying to choose between good and good too. It seems amazing what you have already done. Your music is wonderful and like it.

  2. Thanks, Sheila! I’m amazed at some of the beautiful things in our family history. I keep a journal, too, but it is hard to make the time. I’d like to get back in the daily habit. Thanks so much for stopping by the site!


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