My New Gardening Website

Blue Flax 01If you’ve been following me for a long time–like a really really long time, you’ll know I love gardening. Well, with our recent move to a bigger property, I’m excited to document my gardening excursions–but it’s not going to be a simple garden. It’ll be a full on food forest.

Of course, it will take decades to get it to that point, but I’m really pumped about this, so if you’re interested in following my efforts, and (please please please) offer any tips you might have, come visit my enchanted forest garden website,

It’s brand new now, but I promise, there’s more to come…

Party Game: Three Part Stories

One of my family’s major hobbies is inventing games.  This is a party game we came up with called Three Part Stories.  It’s one of those games that guarantees some great laughs, and takes a little bit of creativity.

If you’ve ever done chain stories, where one starts a story, and then the next person continues it, and so forth, then you have GOT to try the story game.  It is hilarious to the extreme!

If you cannot see the video, you can watch in on Youtube.

Now for the fun part:  Here are the finished stories: Continue reading Party Game: Three Part Stories

Making Moments – 23 October 2008

Making Moments

I’ve decided to use my kids nicknames instead of their real names in this project. My two year old daughter is Lunch Bucket, and my 10 month old son is Tootles. Jenni is my wife, and I will use her real name.

Making Moments

Have you ever skipped through a grocery store? Have you ever done a synchronized skip with a two year old in the grocery store? I recommend it. It enlivens the spirit like few things do.

We’ve started a tradition in the last couple weeks of me singing to the kids before they sleep. I decided shortly after Lunch Bucket was born to write a lullaby for each of my kids. So Lunch Bucket and Toodles each have their own song.

I recommend that to anyone who has even the remotest poetic or musical skills. There is something powerfully bonding about singing to a child a song written especially for them.

For Tootles, it usually takes singing the song about five times before he catches on that it’s time to sleep.

Lunch Bucket loves her song, and demands it every night. She spends most of the song trying with all her might not to smile – but efforts are always in vain.

Conversations with Lunch Bucket:

I use a Neo to do most of my writing. It’s a simple word process or that looks like a calculator with a keyboard. I had just got out the Neo in my bedroom and began writing when Lunch Bucket came bounding in the room.

“What is that?” she asked.

“My Neo.”

“Your Neo?”


She bounced against the bed a few times, watching my fascinating Continue reading Making Moments – 23 October 2008

Photo blog

I’ve decided to start posting some of my photography on my blog. I’ve been trying to get more artsy photos on my blog, but they don’t always match the messages I write about. So I think I’ll start posting artsy photos even if I don’t have a message to go with them, with just the name of the photo, and perhaps a very brief description – even if it’s just whether I did any editing on it. So if you see a photo alone on my blog, it’s because I’ve turned my blog into a writing, music, and photography blog. To see a large version of this photo, just click on it. From the photo window, you can click on the picture again to go from photo to photo like a slideshow.

Here’s one called Clover-Patch