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How’s the Music and Books thing Going?

This is probably one of the questions I’ve been asked more than any other for the last six months, and I usually answer with the honest but terribly vague, “Good. I love doing it.” So how is it really going? I’m going … Continue reading

Recent Signings

I’ve had a couple of great signings with Marriage is Ordained of God, but WHO Came Up with Dating? recently. The great thing was that Jenni got to come to them as well. The first was at BYU bookstore, and the … Continue reading

Launch Party Recap

Randy Lindsay asked me recently about my launch party last month for Marriage is Ordained of God, but Who Came Up with Dating?, and I realized I hadn’t blogged about it. I make the excuse that it was in the … Continue reading

My Cover is Done!

Check it out! Cedar Fort finished the cover to my book! This is the one coming out in July – I’m so excited. What do you all think?

My First Book is Out!

My first book is finally out!!! It’s taken about five years to write, revise, cleanup, format, edit, and publish, but Giraffe Tracks is available as of today! I’ll have it on its own webpage soon, but the webpage isn’t ready … Continue reading

I Blew It!!!

I blew it. My first chance and I blew it! I’ve had a silly idea for a long time. Jenni and I don’t have a TV, so we never see regular episodes of anything. We do rent movies on DVD … Continue reading