My New Life

This is one of those videos that just makes you want to keep going…

Life and love really can and should be forever.

Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson

You’ve got to love Jon Schmidt‘s music, and can you help but get into it when he gets going. I think he’s one of my musical heroes. The Cello player is a good friend of Jenni and mine  – Steven Sharp Nelson. One of the greatest guys I know, and one of the greatest musicians, as well. He was in our bishopric in Salt Lake. You can bet we had some AWESOME musical numbers in that ward!

These guys have also mastered the art of engaging an audience. Enjoy!

Video Improv Session

I decided to try something unique a while back (in December). I did a live video stream of my piano practice. It was a lot of fun, and it turned out to be a great way to interact with friends using music. I’d like to do this more often on my UStream channel, but Here’s the recording of the stream:

Making Moments: Biathlon

Today I was in my room, working on a Sunday project, and I could hear Tootles reeking a bit of havoc in the other room, so I went out and scooped him up and brought him into my room. I cleared the bed of blankets and pillows and started bouncing him on it.

Jumping on Mama and Baba’s bed is one of his very favorite activities, though we usually try to discourage it. Well, he went straight from frustrated anger to excited laughter. I wrestled him, and even got out the video camera.

I suppose stopping him from one inappropriate activity and getting him doing another slightly inappropriate activity probably isn’t the best approach in terms of discipline, but it brought a big smile to his face – and mine.