Celebrity(???) Look-a-like

Okay, so you’ve all probably heard of Celebrity look-a-likes.  If you look around, you can find them everywhere.  In our new neighborhood, we’ve already found Dick Van Dyke and Julie De Azevedo.  In our old neighborhood, we had a perfect Mitt Romney.  Patrick Swayze was one of the missionaries in my mission.

Have you ever wondered what celebrity you look like?

I don’t have to wonder.

I know.


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  You didn’t know that I’m actually Warren Jeffs, did you?  Don’t tell my wife, k?

Well, I can’t feel too bad.  I had a boss once who was the spitting image of Saddam Hussein.  How would that be?  His name was even similar, poor guy.

So who do you look like?

4 Replies to “Celebrity(???) Look-a-like”

  1. I guess I look like a celebrity because my friends and colleagues address me by her name. It flatters me sometimes. By the way, these best gifts that you could give your better-half might interest you too. Thanks and have a nice and fulfilling day.

  2. Wow, best gifts, eh? Makes me think what Warren Jeffs would say. He couldn’t get something for his better half – maybe better 7/8ths or something, or 1/8th, depending on the context.

    But hey, the way I see it, I’m not a Warren Jeffs look-a-like. Warren Jeffs is a Chas Hathaway look-a-like.

    Hmmm. Somehow that doesn’t really make me feel better.

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