Christmas Album Coming Sooooooon!

Weeehaaawwww! Only a few weeks before my Christmas album will be up! The music has been done for awhile, but the image is finally done! What do you think? Does it make you want to put up your Christmas tree today? Hopefully it at least makes you want to read the nativity story again. And just so you can see what songs will be on the album, I’m putting the back cover image on, too.

4 Replies to “Christmas Album Coming Sooooooon!”

  1. Dear Medical Dirt Poor in November, (it’s okay, this is an informal blog, you don’t have to abbreviate your name

    I really appreciate your announcement that there are more free WordPress themes out there. I think I’ve only even seen like 40 billion out there, so your announcement makes me so vehemently happy that I think I’ll buy myself a chicken sandwich to celebrate. In fact, I think I’ll buy three chicken sandwiches so I can eat them for every meal for an entire day. In fact, I think I’ll see if one of your new WordPress themes has a chicken sandwich on it. In fact, I bet I could get one of those custom themes that allows you to put your own image on it, and I could put a picture of a chicken sandwich on it that is vaguely in the shape of my face – a custom chicken sandwich face WordPress theme. The possibilities could be endless!

    Oh, and Washington State Pest Management Association to you too!

  2. Yeah, I decided instead of fighting spam, I would humor it. I just edit it to break the links (or change them to much more interesting ones) and respond “appropriately.” I used to hate spam, now I love it. It’s kind of like a blog telemarketer call!



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