Date Ideas: Diversity (Cultural) Dates

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own culture that we never notice the rich depth and beauty available through other cultures, and never in the history of the world have we had more access to information, art, music, food, and traditions of foreign countries. Exploring those things can make for an awesome date.

Globespin Dinner

Spin a globe so your finger lands on a random country, then go to a restaurant that serves the kind of food eaten in that country. If you can’t find one, get online and learn what kind of food they eat, and make it together.

Visit Different Cultural Shops

In most big cities, there are dozens of Mexican markets, African markets, China markets, Korean markets, Indian markets and dozens of other countries markets. There are also different countries represented in specialty shops, with art, clothing, and traditional items. Visit a number of these, and if you find something cool and inexpensive, buy it for your date as a souvenir of the experience.

Study a Culture

Go to the library and research a specific culture, and then visit a museum, shop, or restaurant where you can experience a taste of that culture.

Visit a Foreigner

If you know someone from another culture, ask them if you and your date (you may want to say friend, so they don’t feel like they have to provide dinner or something) can come and interview them about their home country, culture, and family history. See what you can learn about their traditions. Most people think their lives are boring because they consider themselves “normal,” but most people have vastly different ideas about what normal looks like.

Take a Foreigner on a Date

If you someone who was born in another country, ask them on a date and ask their suggestion on a restaurant that best represents the food of their country.

Have a Cultural Dance

Get a group date together and learn a dance from another country. If you have the resources, get some clothing from that culture that would traditionally be worn for that dance. If none of you know any dances, find a Youtube video that can teach you.

Find a Lesser Known Cultural Festival

Most people have heard of the Scottish or Irish festivals, but there are dozens of lesser-known cultural festivals. Get online and find a festival in your area representing a country whose festival you’ve never visited, and take a date to it. You may even want to get an idea from your date of which festival he/she might like to go to.

Learn to Play a Cultural Instrument Together

One of the nice things about musical instruments from other countries is that they are usually considerably less expensive than western culture instruments (like band and orchestra instruments). Get an instrument or two (or more) that are from another country and learn to play them with your date.

Learn Simple Foreign Language

Pick a language both you and your date would like someday to learn. Get online or go to a bookstore or library and learn a bunch of phrases and words from that language. Use the words and phrases throughout the date as much as possible. If you continue to date this person, add a phrase or two each date.

Learn to Do Some Cultural Art Together

Pick a culture together whose art you both enjoy, then get the supplies and try to emulate that art. You can find pictures, how-tos, and ideas online or at a library. Create (as best you can) either sculptures, paintings, or drawings that look like they’re from that country.

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