Date Ideas: Financial Responsibility Dates

Having a great bank account isn’t nearly as important as having good, financial sense. Here are a few date ideas to help you find out about your date’s financial sense (as well as your own!).

Five Bucks Each

Take five dollars and give your date five dollars. Go to a store and split up to see who can purchase the most interesting, fun, or useful stuff for five dollars.

Check Out Local Yard Sales

Wander the suburbs on a Saturday afternoon in the spring and stop at all the local yard sales you find.


Play a serious game of Monopoly, all the way to the end—it’s the later part of the game where you start learning about people’s financial styles.

Come Up with a Budget Together

Do a mock budget together. If you had $__ per month income, how would you divide it out. You can learn a LOT about a person doing this.

Financial “Personality Profile”

There are a lot of personality profiles for financial styles that help you determine what you consider worth your money, how spendy or thrifty you are. Take turns taking a few such profiles.

Plan a Trip to Hawaii (don’t go, just plan)

Pretend you’re planning a trip to Hawaii together. Research flight costs, travel expenses, food, hotels, time off work, vacation days, and everything else that would be involved.

Test Drive Cars

Test drive cars at a dealership, and have conversations about the costs, and how you would pay for the car if you were to get it.

Play “The Game of Life,” or “Payday.”

There are a number of games, such as “The Game of Life,” or “Payday” that seek to imitate real life financial issues.

Go House Shopping

Go to a house show, where you can go see all the open houses for sale. Tour them as if looking to buy. Talk about what you’d like in a house someday and encourage your date to do the same.


Did you know you can make homemade laundry soap? Dishwasher soap? Ranch dressing? Hand/diaper wipes? Most common household items can be made from scratch. Try making some of these together. Try some practical skills, but also try some things based on one of your interests. If your date is really into hand-bags, find out how to make your own, and do it together.

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