Date Ideas: Just-for-Fun Dates

After doing a bunch of useful dates that really help you develop your relationship (or for a great first date), you may want to do a fun date that has no point except, well, to have fun! Here are some random ideas.

Bake Cookies Together

Baking cookies is always fun, and it’s even more fun to do with a date!

Donut Date

If it’s wintertime, find a frozen parking lot and do donuts. When your done, go get real donuts and hot chocolate.

Nerf Gun War

Get a couple Nerf guns and a few dozen packs of Nerf bullets, and have a war! If you don’t have Nerf guns, do squirt guns. Make up rules, with rewards for the winner.

Fake an Awesome Date

Get fake photo evidence of a fabulous date you had in Hawaii, China, Yugoslavia, or some other place you can’t go to.

Play Video Games

Find a fun, clean video game to play, and have a video game tournament.

Fly a Kite

Always a favorite.

Leave Funny Notes in Library Books

Get some sticky notes and go to a library. Write funny notes related (or unrelated) to the topic of the book.

Card House Marble War

Build card houses on two sides of a room—his and her side, and then from your sides, take turns rolling marbles across the room to “bomb” their city.

Pillow Fight

Gather all the pillows and cushions you can find and have a good old fashioned pillow fight!

Shaving Cream Art

Cover a plate or cookie sheet with shaving cream and flatten the top enough to put drops of food color on top. Take a brush or toothpick and make a cool design in the cream. Then take a piece of cardstock or posterboard and lay it on top, pressing it lightly down. Remove the paper and scrape off the shaving cream, leaving your design on the paper.

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