Ka-Ching! Money Making Dates

We always talk about expensive vs. cheap vs. free dates, but how often do we consider dates that might actually bring money in? If your relationship is really going well, and you want to tug at heart-strings to get people to buy, you can always tell them it’s going toward the ring fund!

Do a Lemonade Stand

If it’s summertime, make some freshly squeezed pink lemonade (decorated with a wedge of grapefruit), and set up a booth in a busy suburb.

Hold a Yard Sale

Have a contest to see who can get the most purchasers. Loser has to buy the other one ice-cream from the profits.

Play a Musical Duet for Tips

Many malls, restaurants, and department stores with pianos allow musicians to play for tips. Talk to a few such businesses and see if they’ll let you come.

Get a Booth at the Fair

If either of you are crafty, or have a hobby around a certain theme, make or collect enough of such items to sell at the state or county fair. This can be especially good if you’ve got to meet a couple times previous to put together the inventory—it’s like three dates for the asking-out-price of one.

Babysit Together

Babysitting is a great way to get to know how your date deals with children, and sometimes the parents will even pay.

Donate Plasma

I realize this isn’t very romantic, but from what I understand, donating plasma is much like donating blood, except that they will pay you for the donation. You may want to get something to eat together first, like you would want to do for donating blood.

Sell Popsicles at a Parade

Next time there is a parade, get a portable freezer on a cart, bike, or go-cart and sell popsicles to the watchers. You can also sell water bottles or soda pop.

Write a Song Together and Sell it On iTunes

If you’re both musical, write and record a song together to put up for sale on the Internet. Tell all your Facebook and Twitter friends about it. If it sells, make another date to do another one.

Take Photos Together to Sell Online

There are dozens of stock photo websites where you can put photos up for sale. Get a couple nice cameras (borrow from someone if you don’t have your own), and go photoshooting at a favorite venue or nature area. Then put the photos for sale online. If you have your own website, you can sell them as individual downloads with a shopping-cart service.

Hold a Bake Sale

Bake a bunch of yummy goodies and have a bake sale. If you don’t want to deal with putting all the details together, get permission to do it in conjunction with a community event.

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