Date Ideas: Lazy Dates

Most lazy activities don’t need much explanation—just an initial idea. So if you’re not feeling like being fancy, or even very active at all, but still want to spend time together, try some of these lazy date ideas.

Sit On the Front Porch

There’s just something about porch sitting that’s relaxing and conversational.

Read a Book Together

Get out a book and take turns reading. It’s funner than it may sound.

Go Fish (The Card Game)

The nice thing about Go Fish, is you can do it with any kind of cards, and it takes little if any mental power. “Do you have any yellow Skips?”

Whatever Task You’d Be Otherwise Doing… Together

Sometimes laziness comes out of a desire to not be doing something different than what you’re already doing. So, just do it together!

Popcorn and Talking

You can’t lose with this one. What girl can refuse a guy who says, “Let’s just sit and talk,” and what guy can refuse a girl who says, “Let’s make popcorn!”? Do both, and everyone’s happy.

Ride a Light-Rail Train Its Entire Route

Or a bus works, too. Light-rail might have more comfortable seats, though, depending on what city you’re in.

Surf the Internet (carefully)

Don’t wander aimlessly over the web, but get on Facebook or Twitter, and read each other’s walls. Find cool stuff to pin on Pinterest. Don’t do this every date, but it’s a date most people will enjoy on a lazy day.

Listen to Music Together

Admit it, you used to hang out with friends and just listen to music. Why not do it with a date? Plus you’ll find out their music preferences and values.

Sit in the Grass and Talk

Grass is great for that. Plus if there’s ever a lull in the conversation, you can always start a grass fight.

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