Date Ideas: Meet-the-Family Dates

Sometimes we tend to get more stressed about meeting the family than we are about the initial date. Usually, there’s no reason to be afraid. Still, it helps to have a plan, so you don’t have to meet under less-than-ideal circumstances, such as bumping into them when you’re at the grocery store with a grocery cart of potato chips and ketchup, and wearing sweats because you haven’t done laundry. Try one of these:

Take a Niece or Nephew Somewhere Fun

If you or your date has a niece or nephew, take them to the Children’s Museum, a park, or McDonalds (make sure to do one of the ones with the play area). Spend a few minutes afterward telling the parents about the cute things their kid did.

Visit Grandparents

Visit your or your date’s grandparents. While visiting, ask how they met and invite them to tell you about when they got married. If they know how their parents met and married, talk about that, too.

Attend a Family Reunion Together

Family reunions are a great opportunity to meet the extended family, and get to know them a little.

Double with a Sibling

If you or your date have a sibling, either married or not, double-date with them. Sometimes siblings can bring out personality traits that don’t show up in non-family settings.

Family Home Evening

Invite your date over for family home evening. Invitve them to participate in a simple, non-stressful way, such as sharing a favorite scripture, choosing a favorite hymn, or giving the prayer.

Invite Your Date to a Family Holiday Party

If your family has a holiday that they celebrate together, or an annual party surrounding a certain event, invite your date to come.

Invite Your Date to Sunday Dinner

Or any day of the week your family tends to all be together.

Religious Event

Go to a church event or fireside with your date’s family, or invite your date to come to one with your family.

Bring Your Date to a Birthday Party

If someone in your family is having a birthday party, bring your date—unless of course your date is sugar intolerant. Having to turn down cake and ice-cream can be a little awkward at a birthday party.

Lazy Saturday Hang-Out

Plan a simple all-day date at your house when everyone in your family’s at home, so your date comes and spends an unstructured Saturday at your house. Play a sport in the backyard, watch a show with the family. Do what the family does—but with your date there. Chances are, your date will add some spice to the whole day, with ideas or approaches that the rest of the family will find unique and refreshing. Or do the same at your date’s house.

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