Date Ideas: Quick Dates (1/2 hour or less)

Sometimes things come up at the last minute that interfere with the four hour date you were planning, but you don’t want to completely call it off, so if you still have a ½ hour to spend together, here are some alternatives you could consider.

Since they are so short, they also double as casual dates that don’t have to be formalized with several days or a week’s notice. If you’re talking with someone, and would like to get a dating effect, but without the pressure of the title, try a few of these.

Ice Cream Cone at the Drive-Thru

Most fast food places have a drive thru, and ice cream.

Take a Walk

Walks are a great way to spend time together if you don’t have much of it to spend. Start wherever you are and walk for twenty minutes.

Visit a Pet Store

Even those who don’t want a pet of their own are usually interested in seeing animals. Think of it like a visit to a mini zoo.

Get a Slurpie or Jamba Juice

Or any other quick-stop treat.

Get Donuts and Sit in the Park

Another great chat opportunity.

Snowball Fight

One of the best dates anyway. Besides, after twenty or thirty minutes, your ready to come in and warm up anyway.

Simple Breakfast

Get some muffins and yogurt or prepare toast and cereal—anything that’s basically ready to go.

Do Homework Together

Admit it, you don’t want to be working on it that long anyway, right? If you don’t go to school, do some other simple project together, or invite your date to participate in something you’re building or creating.

Ping Pong or Pool

Most schools, Institute buildings, and recreation centers have public ping-pong and pool tables.

Window Shop a Favorite Store

Find out your date’s favorite place to shop, and go for a short window shopping stroll.

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