Date Ideas: Religious Dates

An important thing to learn about your date is his/her religious convictions. Here are some ideas to draw out religious conversation and learn how each other feel about the Savior.

Read Scriptures Together

This is even better than reading a novel together, because it promotes religious conversation. Pause between verses and talk about any insights you have as you read.

Go to the Temple Together

If you’ve both been to the temple, go together. If you haven’t, get some family names from Aunt Mabel and do baptisms together.

Go to an Institute/Young Adult Fireside

Invite your date to come with you to a ward, stake, or worldwide fireside for youth or young adults.

Watch a Movie at the Legacy Theater

Every few years the church puts out another amazing full-length film and shows it in the massive Legacy theater at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. They play them many times throughout the day and best of all, they’re free!

Get a Tour of a Religious Facility

Get a tour of the Conference Center, a Visitors Center, or Local Cathedral. It might be cool to get a tour of a building belonging to a church to which you don’t belong.

Go to General Conference or any Religious Conference

You might even be able to get them to come to a couple Saturday sessions, and catch lunch in between.

Work on Family History Together

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll be surprised how fun family history can be. It’s kind of like solving a mystery together. And don’t be concerned if you can’t get to a family history library. The Internet has more resources than you’ll ever exhaust. Don’t stop at finding out when they came to America. Find out what boat they came on. Find a picture of it, as well as newspaper articles about the trip. Remember that when it comes to family history, Google can be your best friend.

Attend Church Together

And just ignore the folks you think are pointing and predicting your inevitable marriage. Just attend together and then invite your date over for lunch afterward to talk about what was taught.

Attend a Tabernacle Choir Recital

Every week, the tabernacle in Salt Lake City is open to the public as the Tabernacle Choir rehearses. Take a date to see it. You can also go to Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday morning.

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