Date Ideas: Spontaneous Dates

Sometimes the best opportunity for a date is in the moment. With spontaneous dates, since they’re unplanned, you don’t have to use the word date when you invite someone, even though you will be paired off together. Here are a few ideas to have in mind in case the right opportunity comes along, and you can say, “Hey, I’ve got an idea. If you have a little time, we could…”

Run an Errand Together

Need to pick up a loaf of bread, or return books to the library? Invite the person along. If you’re already in conversation, say, “Hey, want to come with me?”

Walk to Class/Car Together

If the person’s car or class is more than ½ a block away, ask them if you can walk them there.

Lunch at the Cafeteria or Fast Food

If you’re at a school, and the girl you’ve got your eye on is eating in the cafeteria, ask if you can join her. Or, if you’re in conversation, and it’s lunchtime, say, “Hey, I’m heading over to Burger King, if you’d like to join me. My treat.”

Know the Local “Cool Sites”

If you go to school, church, work, or have a specific place you regularly bump into him, keep an eye out for locations that have something unique that might be fun to show him. Examples might be: a top floor large window room overlooking the surrounding town, an area with especially fun acoustics (like a crazy echo room—works great for musical people, anyway), stairs that allow the public onto the roof, an escalator (come on, tell me there aren’t a ton of fun things you can do on an escalator!), or a fountain (you could even make some sticky-note-sized boats). Invite him to come check it out with you.

Challenge Him to a Game

Many public places have basketball courts, volleyball nets, or tennis courts. Schools, parks, and even some workplaces have ready sports available.

A Sports Store Climbing Wall

Some outdoorsy stores have a climbing wall available to anyone who comes in the store. Find one in your town, and the next time your in conversation, invite her to come and try it with you.

Crash a Class

If one of you has an especially fun class, such as pottery, photography, or food, go together. The teacher probably won’t mind you having a guest for just one day.

Have Him Teach You a Skill

If you know he enjoys kung fu, basketball, origami, or any other skill, ask him to teach you something simple. Then ask him to teach you something else.

Flip a Coin Walk

Take a walk. Whenever you get to an intersection, flip a coin. Heads means you turn right, and tails means you turn left.

Look for Puddles to Splash or Snow Piles to Climb

Every season has things that make for quick dates: Spring puddle splashing, summer fountain wading, fall leaf jumping, winter snow piles, are only a few.

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