Date Ideas: Unselfish (Service Oriented) Dates

Read Stories to Kids at a Children’s Hospital

Most children’s hospitals have a system for having people come and read stories or play with the children in the hospital. Call your local hospital to see if you can bring a friend to volunteer.

Volunteer At An Animal Shelter

As long as your date isn’t allergic to animals, this can be a fun one.

Wash Your Date’s Parents’ Car

You want to leave a good impression anyway, right?

Get Snow Shovels and Clean Up Town

If it has snowed recently, this can be a fun way to work together. Clean any sidewalks or driveways that haven’t been done yet. Sidewalks are usually about two shovels wide anyway, so you don’t have to separate.

Serve Food at a Homeless Shelter

If you really want to impress your date, go a time or two before inviting your date, so the workers and visitors remember you, and greet you when you show up with your date.

Make Donation Packets

Many humanitarian organizations have lists of hygiene, toy, or blanket packets needed in various parts of the world.

Visit a Friend or Loved One in the Hospital

If you or your date know someone in the hospital, go together to visit them. If they’re feeling up to it, play a board or card game with them.

Service Scavenger Hunt

Get a group date together, and make a list of small acts of kindness, then do a “scavenger hunt” and race to get through them all. Include things like:

Smile at a stranger

Open the door for someone (your date doesn’t count).

Offer someone your change after a small purchase.

Tip someone for something.

Get a child to laugh.

Adopt a Highway

You don’t even have to make it official. Just get a couple garbage bags and walk together down a highway picking up litter.

Make Get-Well Cards

Get some stationary or scrap-booking material and make get well cards. Send them to anyone you know who’s sick, hospitalized, or merely has a flu.

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