Date Ideas: Working-Together Dates

One of the great ways to learn about compatibility is to do dates that see how well you work together. Here are a few ideas:

Cook Dinner Together

You’ve probably heard the term, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” Cooking together is something married people usually do together a lot, and if the relationship is good, it’s a fun experience.

Do Chores Together

If one of you has some things that need to get done, do it together. Learning how each other prefers to work can be incredibly insightful.

Detective Date

Try to solve a mystery together. There are mysteries all around. If nothing comes to mind, ask a parent about a family history mystery, or check the recent papers or library billboard for a recent minor crime or missing animal. Try to sleuth out the mystery together. The bigger the mystery, the less likely you are to be able to solve it in one date. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get very far, just use it as an excuse to go out again!

Plant a Tree

Plant a tree together in one of your yards or in a local park or garden.

Mine Field

Set something on the far side of a room, and then crumple a bunch of paper and throw it about randomly. Then take turns being blindfolded and trying to get to the thing on the other side of the room. The other person can only help with verbal instructions.

Fix Something

If one of you has a car, computer, or piece of furniture that’s broken or not functioning properly, work on fixing it together.

Build a Balloon Tower

Get a pack of balloons (the bigger the better—both size and numbers), and using only balloons and tape, build a tower as high as you can. Try to reach the ceiling. Oh, and no using walls or other objects for support!

Do a Puzzle Together

Set a timer and put a puzzle together as fast as possible. Puzzles can be a great casual date, but timing yourselves can turn it into a great problem-solving-together date.

Gift Shop Together

If one of you knows someone who’s having a birthday soon—or if Christmas is coming, shop for a gift together. It’s best if both of you know the person, but even if only one of you knows the person, talk about what the person likes so you can work together to find the best gift for him/her.

Silent Date

When you ask your date out, have an activity in mind, but tell them that the trick will be that neither of you can say a single word the entire date. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s a fabulous exercise in communication, since it all has to be nonverbal. If you’re going to a restaurant or movie, you may want to have a small notebook or sticky notes on hand to place your order.

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