Date Ideas: X-travagant (and X-pensive) Dates

I suppose there is a place for extravagant dates, and if you really want one, here are a few unique ideas for those with a little extra money (okay, a lot of extra money).

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to! If you’re going extravagant anyway, why not now?


Just think what you’ll learn about both yourself and your date!


If you’re within a few hundred miles of Disneyland, Disney World, Six-Flags, or Lagoon, start your date bright and early and go until late. A guaranteed blast.

The Most Expensive Restaurant in Town

Find out which restaurant in your town is the most extravagant, and take your date to it. Chances are, she’s never been there either.

Buy a Couple Remote Control Airplanes or Helicopters

Get some remote-control planes or choppers and go to a park or parking lot and have a ball! If your phone is light enough, connect it to one, so you can video the experience. If that works, use Skype and start a call on your date’s phone, so you can watch the flight live in action.

Rent a Limo

The quintessential extravagant date. Whether you’re going to a restaurant, play, dance, or whatever, take the long scenic route so you can hang out in the limo longer.


Google to find out if there are places to paraglide. If you need some kind of training, take it together, then go fly together.

Helicopter ride

Speaking of flying, why not Google to find out how you can get a helicopter ride with your date?

Fly Somewhere and Back

Still speaking of flying, there are probably lots of places within 700 miles (average of about three states) that you could go to with a simple two hour flight each way. Take an all day trip to somewhere your date’s always wanted to go, with a return flight in the evening.

Go to a Big Concert

Find out who your date’s favorite band is, and buy tickets. If you have to fly to get there, do it, as long as a return flight is available the same day after the concert.

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