Date Ideas: Youth Dance Dates

Youth dances, including high-school proms, certainly aren’t typical dates, and shouldn’t be considered such. And it shouldn’t be expected that to ask someone out for an ordinary date, you need balloons or a fog machine, but if you’re looking for some fun ask-out or respond ideas or a unique approach to the date for your special youth dance, here are a few ideas:

Costume Date

Decide on a theme, like a favorite movie or book, and dress up as if you were characters from that story. Plan the activities around that theme. A Harry Potter theme might have food from cauldrons and you might dress in wizard robes. Choose a theme based on something you both enjoy.

Sidewalk Chalk

Trace yourself in chalk on your date’s driveway, with a message, “Going to Prom with you would be to die for!” and post “Yes on one stone and “no” on another, with instructions to take the rock with the appropriate answer to school.

Oh, and make sure the rock with the “no” is a massive boulder, so they can’t turn you down. If you’re responding, you could just do the outline bit.

Five Course Meal at Different Locations

On your date, go to five different places for a five-course meal. The appetizer at one place, the soup at another, a salad at the third, a main course at the fourth, and desert at the fifth.

Make a Cake

Frost a cardboard box to look like a cake, with the frosted message, “I have a question for you (inside)”

Then when they try to cut the “cake” they’ll open the box. Have chocolate dipped mini containers or plastic easter eggs with a message, “Will you go with me to the dance?”

Then when they go to eat a chocolate, they’ll discover the containers, in which will be some fun trinkets (maybe jewelry or little toys), and a message with your name, so they know who’s asking. This could be altered slightly to make it a response.

Cardboard Cutout

Get a life-size photo of yourself (two posterboard photos might be enough if the photo is of you on your knee), and tape a quote bubble to it saying, “(Name,) will you go to the dance with me?”

Then stick it on their doorstep and doorbell ditch. Or, if you’re responding, have the quote say your response.

Color Theme Date

Pick a color (maybe your date’s favorite) and base everything around that color. Dress head-to-toe in that color, eat food of that color, drive in a car of that color, and have all the decorations in that color.

Write on the Back of a Puzzle

Write a message, asking your date to the dance, on the back of a finished puzzle. Then break it up again and have it delivered to the person. They’ll have to put the puzzle together to read the message. This works for responding to an invitation as well.

Silly String the Question to His/Her Lawn

Write your question on their front lawn with silly string. If you want to, include something like, “You drive me silly!” This works for ask or answer.

Peanut Answer

If you’re answering an invitation, get a bag of peanuts and a cleaned out two-liter pop bottle. Crack open a few peanuts carefully, and replace the nuts with small messages that say things like, “What’s crackin? Keep trying!” and “Going nuts yet? Keep going!” and one that says, “I’d be nuts to say no! Yes, I’ll go with you to the dance.” Lightly glue the shells closed again.

When you pack the peanuts in the bottle, put the response nut in early, so it will be toward the bottom of the bottle. With the small neck, only one or two peanuts can pass through at a time. Drop the other teaser messages in halfway and quarter to the top.

Shredded Paper

Shred or cut up a bunch of papers and either write a message on one of the shreddings (or two or three, in case they can’t find the one), or write one word on each of the shreddings with a number on the back of each, designating the order they go in.

Have the person’s family or friends spread them all over her bedroom, or in her car or locker.

This works for answering, too.

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