Date Ideas: Zero-Cost Dates (freeeeee!)

Everyone likes free dates. And there are a number of ways to make them unique and fun. Here are just a few such ideas.


Go to a local playground. Swing, slide, play tag or lava monster. You may even want to do a bunch of kid-like activities. If you’re in a group date, play duck-duck-goose, or if it’s a big group, Red Rover. You could even play make believe, like the slide platform is a spaceship, and you’re landing on a planet. The key to making these kinds of activities incredibly fun is to get totally into it. Really play it up.

Board Games

Good ol’ board games. They don’t cost a think, and they’re just fun. Get out some favorite boardgames, make popcorn, and have fun!

Live Video/Blog Your Date

If you’ve ever seen a live-tweeted event, or live videoed event, they’re fun to see, and they can be a blast to do. Pre-arrange with your date and bring a video camera, or just bring phones to tweet everything that’s going on. Make a hashtag for it, too. #BobMaryDate

Newspaper Story

Open a random newspaper, and without reading any of the words, start inventing a story based on the picture. Pretend that all the pictures in the paper are a continuation of the same story. See if you can make it to the end of the paper with one continuous story.

Start a Blog or Facebook Page Together

If you have a similar interest or hobby, start a blog together about it. If you’re good friends already, share links to it on your social networks. If you’re both shy, keep it anonymous, so only the two of you know about it. It might be fun to use it to send messages back and forth. Only the two of you will know who you both are. People bumping into it will find it quite interesting.

Try to Beat a World Record

Get a Guinness Book of World Records from the library and look through it together to try to find a record you think you could work together to beat. Then try to beat it.

Foxtail Catch

Put a tennis ball in the end of a long sock, or in a closed end windsock (or you can just tie thick yarn around the ball), and play catch. Foxtails are fun even if you can’t throw or catch well.

Volunteer at a Day Care for a Day

Ask a local day care if you can volunteer to work together for a day. This can be way fun, and help you get to know you’re date’s interest in and skill-level with children.


If the money issue includes one of gas for a semi distance relationship, plan a video-conference call. If you’re not sure what to talk about, you can share fun youtube videos and picture with each other, or play a LAN game. If the sound isn’t syncing, make fun of the fact by trying to sing in harmony together, or play a game where you try to make it seem to an outsider that it’s right on (by replying before he’s quite done speaking, or laughing at potential jokes.

Find the Weirdest thing in a store

This is a favorite of mine. If your in a group date, go to a store (grocery stores work great for this) and split into couples to see which can find the strangest thing in the store. Then meet back together after five or ten minutes to compare findings. If you’re on a single date, just go together to see the weirdest thing you can find together. Did you know common grocery stores carry pickled watermelon rinds and electric nose-hair clippers? Yeah, I’ve played this game on a lot of dates.

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