Fang Creatures

Many kids have an imaginary friend.  Sometimes this imaginary friend will have special things they can do, like run super fast or hide really well.
I had an imaginary world with an imaginary species.  In fact, I was one of them.
I would like to introduce you to the Fang Creature.
This was an approximately twelve foot long lizard with massive saber teeth at the back of its mouth.
In order to show off these remarkable blade-like teeth, fang creatures kept their mouth open at all times – though I realize now it was probably because the teeth were at the back of the mouth and would have passed through their lower jaw if they closed it.
They could fly faster than the speed of light.  They lived on a world with two suns, and their atmosphere glowed red.  These remarkable creatures had an ability to make stuff, too.  Simply by thought, they could make a fully furnished planet from nothing.
As I mentioned, I was a fang creature.  I could do all that stuff – though no one could tell when I did.  I did have a nice roar, though I now suspect that it sounded like a dog choking on a chicken bone.
There were good fang creatures and bad ones, though the bad ones were easy to beat up.  They usually came after my best friend Nathan and I while we walked to the elementary school.
Nathan was a fang creature, too.  We had fang excursions, saving the world from evil fang creatures.
I don’t remember the day that I realized I’m not actually a fang creature.  Since no one else had ever heard of the things I suppose I just slowly lost interest in the fact and forgot.
Whatever delusions of grandeur I had in Elementary were wiped out in Jr. High, though, because I started thinking I was Ernest P. Worrell.

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