First Person Nephi (AKA “I” continued)

Okay, so I flipped through the scriptures a bit, and it looks like they are actually quite consistent – when someone had a scribe do the writing, they are usually in third person. When the prophet writes his own book by hand, he uses first hand. It’s true that most of the old testament up to Jeremiah (Nephi’s time) is in third hand, but some of the books are written by the scribes that write for whoever the prophet is at the time.

Abraham, on the other hand, wrote his own book.

Nephi wrote his own book, so he says, “I.”

Silly tangent, really.

So I guess another question we might ask – if we’re reading between the lines (or in the rest of the scriptures) might be, what do we know about Nephi? Outside of what he tells us about himself, what can we learn about Nephi? Maybe from the Bible or other places in the Book of Mormon. Any thoughts?

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