Fun with Spammers: Let them eat SPAM!!!

I wish I could claim credit for the “Let them eat spam” line, but I can’t. That’s the slogan of the site, a very handy email anti-spam site. You know how sites will demand your email account and tell you if it’s a legitimate account before allowing you to proceed? Well, all you have to do is make up a word and include at the end. It really does send an email there. Then if you need to check it, you go to and sign in (no password needed) using the name you invented. Just be aware that anyone else can check your email, too.

Anyway, that’s one way to deal with spammers. I’ve been getting a ton of spam on this blog lately, and I’ve been getting annoyed for awhile. Then it occurred to me that I could deal with them the same way I deal with telemarketers. If something annoys you, make it funny!

If you want to see what I mean, just check out the comments on the entry about William Freshwater’s journal.

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  1. When I have a few minutes to spare, I forward spam from one spammer to the next spammer in my spam/junk folder.

    Does anyone know of a script that basically does the same thing? I use as my main email.

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