Game: Three Part Story

Here we go. I’m going to give you a random story beginning, and a random story end. Your job is to fill in the middle to make it into one story.

Gordy Hartfoot sat in the rickety old bench, overlooking the grain fields across his 14 acres of golden farmlands, wondering where the years had gone, when he saw a movement in a bush just a few feet from the porch.

“What in tarnation?” he said, standing up with shaky hands against his chair.

He rubbed his eyes as something large burst from the bush. He rubbed at his cataract-filled eyes and looked again.

There, standing at the foot of his porch, was the largest rodent Gordy had ever seen…




…Deedra opened the satchel and pulled out the glowing blue vial, holding it out for the monster to see.

“It’s too late, Corandar!” she shouted, “The Guild Wars are OVER!”

Then the cast the vial at the feet of the massive beast. With an explosion of blue smoke billowing from the broken vial, a gust of wind began swirling around the beast.

With a cry of agony and desperation, the monster screeched a horrific roar that echoed into the night, drowned out only by the roaring of the whirling typhoon, as it lifted Corandar out of the water, tearing him to shreds and casting the particles for miles over the surface of the sea.

“Come on, Borameer,” Deedra said as the winds calmed. “Let’s go home.”

Okay, now see if you can make these into one story. Write a middle in the comments. Have fun!

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  1. *Click.*

    Dad changed the channel.


    “…and then add basil, a little oregano, and then you’ve got one perfectly deliciou…”


    The pitcher dived for the pop-fly, the ball bouncing in his glove, hanging in the air for just one split sec….


  2. As Gordy blinked in awe at the giant rodent standing up on 2 legs like a human, something began to happen that took him by even greater surprise. The rodent reached up and pulled the skin of it’s head off. It was then that Gordy realized that this was no rodent at all, it was a human being. A young girl around the age of 14 to be precise. “My name is Deedra”, she whispered. “Come on, we don’t have much time!” Deedra ran forward and grabbed Gordy by the hand leading him out into the nearest field of tall swaying wheat and then pulled him to the ground so that they were both in a kneeling position completely hidden by the grain. Gordy groaned silently at the pain and rickety-ness of his old knees but was overcome with curiosity as to what this was all about. “Who are you?”, he croaked in his very best ‘authoritative’ voice. “I told you, my name is Deedra. What I didn’t tell you is that I’m from a different dimension. I’ve come to your realm of existence in order to obtain something that will save my people from a terrible fate. Legend has it that the object I need is here, or at least somewhere near here. I need your help to find it.” “Well”, Gordy replied, “maybe if ya’ give me a hint or two as to what it looks like I could be of use to ya’.” Deedra grew very quiet and serious. “It is a vial of liquid, blue liquid that appears to glow when shaken.” Gordy blinked in surprise. “You mean this?” he asked reaching into his pocket and pulling out the bottle of cough syrup he’d picked up at Walker’s Country Store earlier that day. The label read,”Soothers Cool Mint”. Apparently it was supposed to be this new fangled fancy formula that glowed in the dark when you shook the bottle. Supposed to make it more fun for kids to take their medicine. “That’s it!!” Deedra almost shouted in delight. “Thank you for everything. I have to go now. I want you to realize that you’ve saved my people. Thank you!” She got up and ran out of sight. “Well”, Gordy mumbled as he shakily got to his feet, “Guess I’m off to Walker’s Country Store again.”
    Deedra raced through the field as fast as she could. “Please don’t let it be too late!”, she thought. She reached the portal and leaped through without ever looking back. There he was. Corandar the Destroyer emerging from the ocean and heading straight towards her village. She bolted forward and blocked his path before he could even get all the way out of the surf.

  3. The snarling beast roared and slashed it’s claws. Gordy turned and scrambled to the front door. Once inside the house, Gordy headed for the stairs. The beast followed, smashing though the front of the house. The old man headed up the stairs, taking two at a time. The beast leapt to the top of the stairs and gripped Gordy with one massive claw. As Gordy struggled to get loose, the beast shouted in an almost human sounding voice, “I got him, Deedra!” Gordy sighed as his house disappeared. He was now on a boat, in the middle of a vast calm sea. A tall woman was glaring at him. “You couldn’t stay hidden forever, Corander. You had to know we’d find you, eventually.” She reached into his overcoat and ripped a small satchel away from him, “And now, we know about THIS!” Corander growled menacingly as his skin lost it’s fabricated wrinkles and turned slimy and blue. “Keep a grip on him if you can, Borameer!” shouted Deedra. Corander’s newly formed tentacles thrashed about wildly. Borameer groaned and lost his grip, Deedra ducked and held tight to the boat. Corander dived into the sea. The wind suddenly swept up and the waves threatened to destroy the boat. Corander changed form again. He was now a giant man, standing on the water. “Give me my satchel!” he bellowed. The wind and waves strengthened and formed a typhoon.

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