2 Replies to “Hi, I’m a Tennis Racquet!”

  1. Since i located the post when researching within the internet. Actually quite amazing, for the reason that search engines tend to present relatively old answers but yet this blog is actually most useful! Anyways, incredibly interesting, especially since this is definitely not anything many individuals typically publish some thing useful with regards to. Take care.

  2. My dear Wimbledon,

    Yes, my dear boy (or are you a girl? If so, my deepest apologies), this is indeed a topic with which many who publish write nothing but particularly non-useful information. But I, I on the other hand have taken great pains to see that the animated tennis racquet be intensely true to character. You’ll notice the little squiggle lines above and below said racquet, and the conversational tone it took in addressing bear.

    I’m glad to see that our good friend, Google, had the sense to pick up on that and guide you to this shiny new cartoonicle (cartoon article) where you have been indoctrinated with useful talking tennis racquet information.



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