I Need a Writing/Critique Group!


——–THANKS EVERYONE!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!  We got a writing group together and we are now full.  But if you’d like, we can start some kind of system for helping other people group into writing groups.  Just let me know.  At any rate, I’m leaving the original article up anyway.———

talltab1 Hey, all you writers out there, I have a favor to ask!  I need to be in a writing/critique group, and I’m not sure where to start.  I would be happy to either join one that already exists or start a new one.

talltab1 I’m kind of out in the boonies of Sanpete, Utah, so I can’t meet in person very often.  Most correspondence would have to take place online.  I mainly write LDS nonfiction, so it would be good if it were an LDS group that can help me keep doctrine pure, but most of what I have so far is memoir type stuff anyway.
talltab1 I have done a tiny bit of fiction, but not much.
talltab1 Are you in a writing group that needs another writer?  Do you know other LDS writers that are looking for a critique group?  Please let me know!  Either comment or email me.  I know there are a lot of opportunities for writers living near the city, but it’s hard for me to get up to Salt Lake or Utah county, so your help would be appreciated!


– Chas


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  1. I’ll work with you! There are many different kinds of feedback that can occur in peer feedback situations (I recently read through a book on it that listed about 12 different types) and before we look at any of each other’s writing it would be good to hash out what kinds of feedback we need so that we can develop some trust.

  2. Awesome! That’s a good idea. That way we can organize how to give/get feedback from the group.

    I think most writing groups have an average of four people, so if we can get maybe two or three others to join us, then we could do some email correspondence (or Skype conference call or something) to discuss what kinds of feedback we will need from each other.

    Anyone else want to join the group?

    – Chas

  3. I may be interested, but I write LDS fiction instead of nonfiction. It would depend on how involved it is. I’m really busy until about October. (after canning and soccer) Also, my husband mentioned a writers group that formed in Manti (I think) about a year ago.

  4. I think that would be awesome! It would be good to have a bit of various genres within the LDS market in our group. Plus, I am new enough to the scene that I’m not yet locked into a genre, and have done a little bit with fiction, too.

    If you’re okay with it Michaela, I think it would be great to have Kate join the group. I think we’re all quite busy in different things, and we’ll be doing most of our correspondence over the Internet anyway, so we can be very flexible with time.


    – Chas

  5. HI, I’m writing a biography for an LDS audience and would love to join a critique group. Is that offer still on the table? I’d be willing to work out any sort of interactive/online scheduling necessary.

    ~Your non-scary stranger/friend 🙂

    Mindy K.

    ps. As an afterthought, I posted my family blog link so you can see I’m pretty normal-even though the summer has killed my regular blogging :))

  6. Sure, Mindy. I’ll send you an email with the correspondence Kate, Michaela, and I have started, and we can get you aboard! We’re just getting started, so you responded in good timing!

    – Chas

  7. I need to try something! I am getting close to finishing two stories that I need help with in editing or a soundboard…whatever works!
    Let me know!
    And thanks for the invite

  8. I’m a fiction writer from the SLC area. I haven’t done any specific LDS, stuff, but all my writing is squeaky clean, and I’m LDS myself. I write a lot of short fiction and would love some feedback. I’d love to swap things per email and work that way. Would I be able to join you?

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