Kids Say the Awesomest Things

Having four kids under the age of six is always an adventure. As I type, two are shouting from their bedroom, “Mama, can I go potty?”

How long since they went to bed? Five minutes. Oh, and one of the two hasn’t even started potty training.

Jenni and I pretty much have an ongoing ticker of Hathawayism on our Facebook profiles. Here are a few recent ones:

It’s lunchtime, and Jenni’s getting lunch ready. Tootles says, “I’m impatient, so give me lunch first.”

Why dance around the issue? Just say it straight!

This one was also Tootles:

“Mom, you’re welcome to be my Grandma.” – Tootles (Grandma doesn’t make him do chores)

This next one was while the kids were getting ready for bed a couple nights ago:

Lunch Bucket: Baba, the South Pole is the coldest place in the WHOLE world.

Me: Well, good thing we don’t live there!

Lunch Bucket: If you want to go there, you have to get really warm and only two people can go so they can take care of the penguins.

Yeah, I guess someone’s got to take care of the penguins.

This just in–like really, just in. I almost clicked publish, when I heard this conversation:

Lunch Bucket: If a mouse would bite me, I would be dead

Tootles: You’re being MEAN

Lunch Bucket: You don’t know if there’s a mouse, because it’s dark. Even if there is a mouse, you don’t know. By the time right now, a mouse would be getting me.

I love kids.

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