Making Moments – A House for Frog


Tonight frog was looking for a home, so he enlisted Lunch Bucket’s help.  First they tried making one of blocks.  That didn’t hold up too well, so they went to the breadbox.  Tilting it on it’s side, they pushed the door up and used the blocks to hold it up.  Then, with the remaining opening, they put a book up on it’s side, so the cover could be used as a door flap.
That lasted a little while, until an ogre knocked it over.
By now, with Jenni’s help, Mickey was helping out, and they built a large house, using large diaper boxes as walls.  They even found an extra box to set on it’s side on top for a second floor with a balcony.
With such a large house, toys of all kinds were able to move in with them.  The ogre couldn’t knock this one down, either, though he occasionally kidnapped a resident.

4 Replies to “Making Moments – A House for Frog”

  1. Frog looks kinda grumpy. I hope he’s ok. Maybe he’s worried about getting kidnapped… er… frognapped. Maybe we should build him a more secure house at a higher elevation, out of the ogre’s reach. Or maybe he just didn’t like being photographed. Or maybe he’s just a grump.

  2. I think he’s upset about the wallpaper. He wanted bugs, but he got diapers instead. Poor guy. Maybe we should paint the inside of his house for him.


  3. Hey, Chas,
    Thank you SO much for helping me out with the spacing problem on my blog. I’m hoping that things will slow down a bit in the next few weeks and I can visit your site more, partake of your music, and link blogs with you. Coming back her to thank you, I realized how much I enjoyed my last visit.


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