Making Moments: Adventure


TabToday Tootles and I went on an adventure! Jenni and Lunch Bucket went to a bridal shower, so Tootles and I went on an adventure while they were gone.

TabWe drove to a downtown area, where we stopped at a gardening store (my choice) and a candy store (Tootle’s choice) and bought some licorice. We also stopped at a music store (my choice), and a small park (Tootle’s choice). But I realized the adventure would be cut short when Tootles started emanating a suspiciously unpleasant scent. Unfortunately, I hadn’t brought a diaper bag.
TabSo we left after the park – but not before the part of the adventure where we discovered bear tracks! They were in the grocery store in the ice-cream section, so we took some home. Soon Tootles had bear tracks all over his face.

5 Replies to “Making Moments: Adventure”

  1. I like ice cream with “real stuff” in them. You know what I mean. stuff like road gravel (rocky road) or rabbits (bunny tracks) or moose (moose tracks) and such. I thinks it separates us tough people from the wimps. Clearly, Tootles is no wimp.

    What are some of the other “real stuff” ice creams out there?

    Maybe they should make some new flavors like “Tiger Tail” or “Shark Teeth” or maybe even “T Rex Surprise” or something.

  2. Yeah! There’s Tin Roof Sundae, with real chunks of a tin roof.

    Oh, and what about Death by Chocolate, that causes real death?

    – Chas

  3. i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.:,:

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