Making Moments – Nursery Song

MM – Nursery Song

Lunch Bucket loves the primary songs they sing in her nursery class.  We sang a few together this morning.  It’s so sweet to hear her sing.  She sings so sincerely, without all the silly pride of self-consciousness that adults hide behind.
Of course, many of the songs she doesn’t know the words, so either she’ll stop when she gets to those words, or she’ll make up her own.

“I love to see the temple song”
“I’m going there someday,”
“To feel the hospice prit”
To listen and to pray.”
“For the temple is a house of Jesus Christ”

And that’s where she always gives up.  She’s got most of Popcorn Popping down, and the monkeys jumping on the bed one, too.
I wish the great composers of the world would listen more closely to the song of a child.  I can think of nothing as sincere and beautiful.

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