Making Moments: Why Parents Come in Pairs

Took the munchkins shopping today.  All I can say is…
Good. Gravy.

Things started out all right.  But soon Lunch Bucket and Tootles were fighting over a curtain set that we were purchasing, and when I took it from them, it was complete pandemonium.

I’m sure there was some in the store that suspected that I was kidnapping the kicking, screaming, and thrashing little three year old, as I took them both out to the car and left Jenni to do the shopping.  Especially when the said three year old would not get in the car, and which I finally has to shove in the door and slam it before she escaped.

Tootles was only slightly more cooperative.  At least he calmed down once he was in his carseat.  Trying to buckle in the struggling Lunch Bucket was very challenging, but soon the three of us were sitting in the car amidst frantic tantrum gasps.

Jenni finished up the shopping and came out in time to see a calm but very pink and wet-faced Lunch Bucket.

We didn’t take her into any more stores after that.  I did feel bad for her throughout the ordeal, but I felt at least as bad for me.  Thinking back on it now, I feel even more bad for my poor parents.

6 Replies to “Making Moments: Why Parents Come in Pairs”

  1. I can certainly empathize, this is why I do the shopping with the kids at home.
    Not to worry! It gets easier as they get older. Though it can get a bit more difficult when you have more kids than hands to restrain them. (You have to switch your method of control to mental intimidation and not just physical dominance. 🙂

  2. Ryan,

    Good idea. I’ve found that taking one or the other to the store usually works okay, but taking both is a MESS! I like your idea, though. They can throw tantrums at home all they want – time-out is convenient there!

    I’ll have to start practicing my mental intimidation! 😀


    LOL! I know, I bet I would be to if I didn’t have my own kids!

    – Chas

  3. I can just imagine how it went down! Wow! Poor kid… and I’m sure people in the store were wondering “what the…?” But anyone who has kids or has been around kids would understand and nod knowingly. 🙂 Glad all is well after that experience.

  4. Sorry USBank, I don’t use belts on children – championship or not. I prefer the mantra, Spare the belt and… uh… I forgot the rest. Still, no belts unless their holding up pants.

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