Monday Pick-Me-Up:Muppets with Cabin Fever

Anyone who hasn’t seen Muppet Treasure Island is missing out on a treasure indeed!  All in all, probably the best Muppet movie yet.

The most pointless (and thus probably the best) part of the show is when the wind stops, the sun beats down, and the whole crew of pirates comes down with cabin fever.

Enjoy!  Oh, and just for you random Portuguese speakers, there are subtitles for you on this version.  Have to love Youtube!

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3 Replies to “Monday Pick-Me-Up:Muppets with Cabin Fever”

  1. Oh man!!

    It cut off that part with Clueless!

    “What was that song that just happened?”

    “You know, Cabin Fever, ahh!!!”

    My favorite part!!

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