My Valentine

It’s hard to believe Jenni and I have been together almost eight years!

I remember our first Valentines. We’d dated on and off in college, and we were in the middle of a not-quite dating stage. But we were still friends, and hung out together sometimes. The institute was having a Valentine’s Day dance, and I intended to go after work.

I got to work and discovered a Valentine waiting for me. It was a fun little package with paper frills and a bunch of little toy cars with a note that said something like, “You drive me silly! Please by my Valentine.”

I remembered a time when Jenni mentioned that she’d love to get a bouquet of pencils someday. I ran over to the office supplies store, bought some fun clicky pencils, then ran to another shop to get some artificial flowers so I could pop the flowers onto the pencil tips. I got some marbles, a vase, and wrote a little note. I wish I remembered what I said, but it was something silly and fun.

When I got to the dance, I found her car and took my little pencil/flower bouquet and put it on top of her car, so she’d discover it when she came out.
Then I went inside, found her, and thanked her for the valentine, and we danced a few times.

As we left the dance, we walked out together, but I made sure to get to my car first, so I could retreat before she discovered the Valentine. I did pull out quick, but in time to see her discover the vase and smile and wave as I left.

She’s been my Valentine ever since, and I love her more every year.

Happy Valentines Day, Jenni! I LOVE YOU!!!

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