One Week of Scripture Study Ideas!

TabI love the scriptures. They mean so much to me. I know they are true, and I have discovered what a comfort and guidance they can be in my life.

TabIf you are like me, you occasionally struggle getting the motivation to study. If this is the case, try looking at the method you are using for study. Is it effective? Does it keep your attention? Does your method make the scriptures alive for you?

TabIf not, maybe you need a new method.

TabI have long felt that the method we use to study the scriptures is not nearly so important as the fact that we DO READ them. I have found that using a variety of methods at different times has helped me to read my scriptures every day. I don’t want to brag, but I can honestly say it’s been years since I’ve missed a day. I attribute that in part to using various methods that have kept the scriptures fresh to me. As a result, I’ve developed quite a collection of scripture study methods.

TabI’m going to do something unique this week. For one week (Tuesday to Tuesday), I’ll post a new list of scripture study methods that I have found have worked for me at some time.

TabIf you’re scripture study method works, stick with it! But if you’re running dry or lagging, here are a few ideas.

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  1. Thanks Chas. I love reading my scriptures too and I can’t remember the last time I forgot to read them. Some days are more inspiring than others, for sure, but I keep at it. I love the list of ideas in the following posts. I’m copying them into my word processor for days when I’m in a scripture stump and want to try another way of studying. James and I just finished the Old Testament (it took us YEARS to finish it), but now we’re reading the gospels in harmony. Neither of us have ever done that before. Last night was our first night… I love how they have them not only “harmonized” but categorized too. Very cool. Thanks again for the great posts!

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