Party Game: Three Part Stories

One of my family’s major hobbies is inventing games.  This is a party game we came up with called Three Part Stories.  It’s one of those games that guarantees some great laughs, and takes a little bit of creativity.

If you’ve ever done chain stories, where one starts a story, and then the next person continues it, and so forth, then you have GOT to try the story game.  It is hilarious to the extreme!

If you cannot see the video, you can watch in on Youtube.

Now for the fun part:  Here are the finished stories:

Story 1: Of Gerbils and Angels

Story 2: Pig Manhatten and the Captain’s Doom

Story 3: The Last Game

Story 4: Tresspassers will be Boxilated

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4 Replies to “Party Game: Three Part Stories”

  1. My children just played the one line at a time version while visiting my friends house. They had a ball reading their hilarious stories to the adults.

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