Peculiar and the Wooden Vase

I’m thinking out loud for a second. I’ve been considering for a long time doing a video program, similar to what I’ve done with Gospel Living Made Awesome, but a new one intended for writers and musicians… and anyone in the arts… or online business… or anything creative at all.

But see, there lies the challenge. I have so many things I want to talk about. I want to talk about the science of creativity, demonstrate how to make a rainstick, teach the principles of writing music by ear, give some fun artistic ideas, offer marketing ideas, share my philosophies about writing, talk about putting family and God first, and a dozen other topics that have only one thing in common that I can think of: they all deal with something creative.

But it seems that all the best names out there are taken: The Creative Penn, Everything Creative, Create or Die (what a name!), The Creative Entrepreneur (one of my favorite English words coming out of the ridiculous family), Creativity and the Brain. So after much deliberation and Google Adword Keyword searching, I think I’ve come to the last available name for a video/audio program: Creative.

And don’t even suggest that it’s not a very creative name, because that would imply that the word is an exception to its own definition, thus plunging into a paradox that would annihilate the existence of all things creative, forcing those around us, when they see our amazing stuff, to say something like, “My, you are peculiar.”

And yes, I suppose Peculiar hasn’t been taken as a title for a program by the creative community, but sheesh! Can you imagine? Peculiar: with Chas Hathaway.

Yeah. I think I’ll do Creative. If I don’t like it after a while, I’ll change. For now it will just be posted here and on my Youtube channel, but if it goes better than I expect, I might get it its own website. We’ll see. I don’t know how long people will be able to stand looking at my face, but I figure it’s going to be a work in progress anyway, so we’ll see what happens.

I also bought a wooden vase today. I think I’ll drill into it and turn it into either a sound chamber for a thumb piano or dulcimer. It has nice resonance. Once I plucked the shiny jewels off it and colored in the residual scratches with a Sharpy, I could see that it had potential.


Okay, now I’m revealing my inner Geek. Bedtime.

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