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I’ve decided to start posting some of my photography on my blog. I’ve been trying to get more artsy photos on my blog, but they don’t always match the messages I write about. So I think I’ll start posting artsy photos even if I don’t have a message to go with them, with just the name of the photo, and perhaps a very brief description – even if it’s just whether I did any editing on it. So if you see a photo alone on my blog, it’s because I’ve turned my blog into a writing, music, and photography blog. To see a large version of this photo, just click on it. From the photo window, you can click on the picture again to go from photo to photo like a slideshow.

Here’s one called Clover-Patch


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  1. i love photo blogs, there is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and this saying is also true for blogs that mostly displays photos.

  2. Lauren,

    That’s nothing. I maintain at least fifty gazillion of them. And most of them are all like world famous and people offer trillions of dollars for them. But I try to be humble about it, and don’t sell my soul/art by selling them. That would be so terribly anti-art… er… whatever

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