Rootstech 2016 Giveaway (3-Day Pass)

Yes, I’m about to offer a free pass to the 2016 Rootstech 3-day conference. But first I’d like to tell a little story about my last experience with Rootstech.

I’ve been working on genealogy since I was a teenager. It was right after Personal Ancestral File went from low-tech black screen and white (or green, in some cases) words to “high-tech” blue screen with white words. I was just getting my feet wet when I came across some fascinating tidbits.

First, Benjamin Franklin was my great-great-g-g-g-g-g-whatever grandpa (found out later he was actually a g-g-g-g uncle, but still…), and second, that I had royalty in my family line–namely, Prince Hathaway. It was only after much searching that Prince Hathaway wasn’t a prince at all. Prince was his name, and after further misleadings, I learned that Prince was down a different line than mine–that we’d been following the wrong line.

Anyhow, I’ve learned a lot since then, and have come to discover that every person in my family line is fascinating. They were pioneers, shop owners, parents of a dozen kids, farmers, miners, toothbrush makers, people of faith, people of music, people of industry, people of creativity, people of passion, people of faith. Whatever they made of their life, every tidbit of information has become like gold to me.

My first time attending Rootstech a few years ago, I was doing a presentation on self-publishing your family history. The class went well, but the moment things got really interesting was when a man approached me after class and introduced himself to me. He shared my last name, and as I thought about it, I realized we’d conversed online. Kent and I are something like 3rd cousins twice removed–I haven’t figured it out exactly, but Kent was a gold-mine of information about the branch of my family that includes Prince Hathaway (which, I might add, turns out I probably AM related to–it just keeps getting more exciting as we go along!).

Kent had even done DNA testing, visited the birthplaces of our shared ancestors, and spent literally decades in research on the individuals that leave the most mysterious shadows on my family tree. Never could I have expected that.

We actually spoke several times throughout the conference, and both he and his wife Jaelynne were both fascinating and informative to speak with.

I was also interested in the booths representing the plethora of websites, companies, organizations, guilds, and technologies available to family historians and amatuer genealogists.

The beauty of the whole experience for me was the discovery of how many allies we have to our family history efforts. Sometimes the hours behind screens, old books, and endless wanderings up and down aisles and websites can feel quite lonely, but that’s only an illusion. There are so  many people and resources ready to help. There are even people researching branches of your family history already, and never in history has it been easier to team up with them.

Okay, so you heard my story, now you get the goods. I’m excited to announce that I am a 2016 Rootstech Ambassador, which basically means that in exchange for my helping to get the word out about the conference, I get to offer someone a free 3-day pass to Rootstech 2016. So here are the rules:

  • Share this link on your favorite social media (Facebook, Twitter, blog, whatever)
  • Comment here, sharing something about an ancestor of yours.

I’m going to trust you on the first rule, so by commenting about an ancestor of yours, I’ll be assuming that you have shared a link to this contest. The commenters will be entered into a drawing to win. That way you can know how good your chances are by counting the number of comments. If you’re the only commenter, you’ll win by default. Seriously, folks, you’ve got nothing to lose–other than three days of your otherwise boring life to an exciting, fulfilling, fun, and incredible family history experience.

Here’s the real clincher. You have ONE week. The comments will be tallied one week from today (September 21), so get sharing and typing!

8 Replies to “Rootstech 2016 Giveaway (3-Day Pass)”

  1. With one of my husband’s ancestors we found out one of them was sick and when Joseph Smith was hiding from the mob. He hid in between the mattress and the bed of that sick ancestors, and the mob didn’t find him.

  2. on my mothers side through her father she is cousin with Gene Fullmer. His Great Great Grandfather took in a wound mother and her infant son into his home saving her from a from a marriage to a man who was against the saints. Later she became his second wife and bore children on the fuller side

  3. My wife would absolutely love this! Her patriarchal blessing is all about Family History. Her ancestry hails from Derbyshire, UK, Wales and her DNA says she has a good bit of German too. The surprise was that she has some ancestry from the Iberian Peninsula in her DNA. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Just yesterday I posted a picture on facebook of my great-grandfather Marshall Johnson Misenar, born in 1886 in Missouri. I also posted a picture of myself dressed up like him and my hair combed as close as I could to his. Comment after comment told me how much we look alike. We really could be twins! For the past couple of years I’ve been really interested in working on all my family history and would love to go to rootstech mt o find out how I can find more ancestors.

  5. I have also been interested in geneoloy and finding out the historys of my many great grand parents. I have also found I and my husban are 26 grandchildren of King Hennry the 3 and many importent things. Chas I like to learn anything you learn about our side so please email me I have been telling my children what I have on the Curtis side we are currently learning but whipple side

  6. I got into genealogy in high school. None of my immediate family knew much about any of my ancestors. It became interesting to find out that 3 of my 4 lines were from Mormon pioneers, especially because none of my grandparents were church goers, or knew anything about that religion. The other line, nobody knew anything about. My g-g-grandmother wanted to leave the old country behind her, completely. I tried for years to find any information about her. It was only in the past couple months that I found a genealogist that showed me where to find her family, and I was able to document the family for another 200 years. I realized that I know very little on how to do real research, other than on and

  7. My 4 x g-grandfather on my mother’s side was the first settler of Ephraim and then was sent by Brigham Young down to the Virgin River area where he settled and is credited for naming the place Zion’s Canyon. There is a little funny story that goes with it that involves him, the name Zion, and Brigham Young. I just love learning family is the personal details in my ancestor’s lives that really bring them to life for me and makes my connection to history real.

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