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Okay, so I’m a little bit of a blog geek (it’s not like it’s obvious from my crazy theme), but I thought it would be fun to make RSS feeds for the different categories on my blog. All the “experts” say that it’s best to keep your blog to one subject or style. Yeah, right, like I could ever narrow my blog to one category… this is me we’re talking about – the guy who has a new favorite hobby every week. Anyway, so if you like just the family stuff, or just the music stuff, or just the funny stuff, or whatever, click on the appropriate RSS button and subscribe to that category.

Plus, that way if you’re as blogeeky as I am, you can split my blog up into your reader category folders. I use Google reader, and I’m subscribed to so many blogs that I’ve got them all categorized – LDS, Family, Funny, History, Science, Music, etc. If you do something similar, you can subscribe to my RSS feeds separately, and put them in the appropriate folders. I do use other categories, but I think all the entries fit in at least one of these major categories.





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