Christ the Lord is Risen Today

Christ the Lord is Risen Today REAL cover

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Can you imagine the celebration we must have had?
After centuries of watching, waiting, anticipating, sometimes with an almost agonizing hope, and other times with pain and sorrow as we watched our older Brother suffer in preparation for the event—to see Him willingly give His life must have been agonizing, but just like a mother’s joy when her baby arrives, we must have forgotten all the hurt, all the anxiety, and all the pain as He took on His new perfected life.
Can you imagine the party that must have taken place? We’re humans, we like to celebrate. Can you imagine the celebration Father must have had with us?
The beautiful thing about this celebration is that it continues. We mourn at the loss of every loved one. But the Savior’s resurrection opened an eternal gate, guaranteeing every person ever to be born the gift of immortality. The celebration of the resurrection is the celebration of every person we have ever loved, because thanks to Jesus Christ, we will all return to life.
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