Super Cyber Scripture Study


Okay, so I took the name from Jake – he was the Super Cyber Missionary.  But I don’t think he’ll mind.  I decided to try doing a little online scripture study deal.  I’ve had a UStream account for awhile, but haven’t used it much.  So I decided to use it for this.  That way I can broadcast live and have it record without having to use any more equipment than my built-in microphone.  I don’t know if I’ll make this a regular thing or not, but I’m going to try.  We’ll see what happens.  I found that podcasting helps me keep some focus in my study.  I have to study because I know I’m going to podcast what some of what I learn.

Anyway, there are a couple episodes before this one, but this one starts in 1st Nephi 1.

By the way, I know it looks like a video, but it’s only audio.  Your computer’s not broken if you don’t see anything on the screen!

If you want to see the broadcast page, you can click on the Super Cyber Guy above.

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