Preparing for Turn Thirteen

I heard an interesting interview with a bobsledder. He was talking about a ride where one of the major turns went incredibly well, and then, almost without warning, the sled flipped, and the crew was going down on their heads.

Being the one responsible for leading into the turns, he apologized to his teammates, who asked what went wrong.

“I did turn twelve so well that I lost sight of turn thirteen.”

Photo by familymwr on flickr

How easy it is for writers to make the same mistake; after experiencing a small success, to get lazy with the next thing. It could be a well written chapter, a book that was accepted for publication, or even a brilliant signing. When confidence clouds vision, and you become lazy with with your discipline, technique, or schedule, you crash. A great turn, though invaluable, is not the finish line.

How to Prevent Missing Turn Thirteen
Let a successful turn refine your focus, rather than distract you from it. You should be grateful, and celebrate—but don’t look back. When things go well, work harder. Instead of softening your grip, tighten it, and let the momentum of your mini-success propel you into complete success.