Thank Heaven for My Manly Bassness

I just had the awesomest phone call I think I’ve ever got – other than the telemarketer calls, anyway.
I picked up the phone and said, “Hello?”

“Hi is your husband there?”


“Oh, I’m sorry! Now I can tell! Sorry about that, ha, ha!”

“That’s okay, ha, ha!”

“Anyway, is your dad there?”

Momentary pause while I try to comprehend what’s going on…

“Uh, sure. Can I ask who’s calling.” (in case it’s a telemarketer)

“Yeah, this is Jane Doe (name substituted, obviously)”

“Sure, one second.”

Held the phone away to laugh as quietly as I could. Then cough a couple times to clear my throat, and then in my best manly bass voice, “Hello?”

“Hi! This is Jane Doe, I just wanted to thank you for…”

And from there on out, it was a normal call – other than my manly bassness. But that call just made my day! Best thing that’s happened to me in a long time! Hahahaha!

Fun with Telemarketers 6: Eleven Cent Rebate

I have to give this guy credit.  It took me about five minutes to get my recorder up and running, all the while he was just waiting.  I had to get him to start his schpeel while I rebooted the program. Then he stayed on the phone for a good fifteen minutes or so after that.  I’m surprised he didn’t catch on when I asked him if they do Hot-dog delivery.  But when I demonstrated that I am interested in what he is trying to sell me, I found a way to get him to offer me an eleven cent rebate… well… sort of.

You have to listen at the very end – after I hang up.  I think the guy’s cough is a cover for his laughter.  I’m quite sure I made his day.