Sixty Days to Live…

play-with-me-baba For family home evening tonight we watched a movie called, “Return with Honor,” about a young guy who gets in a terrible car accident, and has a near death experience where he is asked what he has yet to accomplish in his life.  He gives his response and he is told that he has sixty days.

It got me thinking.  What would I do with my life if I knew I only had sixty days to live?  Obviously I would wish to be able to raise my kids and take care of my wife, but if I knew that wasn’t an option, and I only had sixty days left, what would I do with it?

I was listening to an advice call-in program on the radio one day, and I don’t remember what the caller was asking advice on, but the advice given was interesting.  “Your doctor just called you and said you have six months of life left, and not a day more.  I’m not saying this just to make you think about it, I want you to decide what you need to do in that six months, and then YOU DO IT!  Six months.  That’s all you get.  What ever you would do if you only had six months to live, do it.”

So, what would you do?  What would you stop doing?  What would you change?  Who would you visit?

Think about that  – whether sixty days or six months, whatever you would do in that time if you knew you were going to die, do it.

Blog Split

For my three readers out there, I would like to announce that I have split my blog.  Between writing, music, and photography, I think Overtones has becoming a little cluttery.  So in order to make… well, order, I’ve decided to split my blog into two.  This blog is now called Making Moments, and will remain at

Overtones has been moved to

In case one of my three readers is not family, Willowrise is my family business, of which I am a part owner.  That’s why everything is under the Willowrise domain.

Making Moments will be my writing blog, and Overtones will be my music blog.  I hope this doesn’t cut my three readers in half.  That would be especially awkward for the one who becomes half.