Away in a Manger Piano Solo

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It’s remarkable to me that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Great I Am, who appeared to Moses in the burning bush, and saved the Hebrew slaves from Pharaoh, sending plagues and seas on the pursuing armies, was born in the humblest circumstance—like the poorest of the poor, with straw laid out in a troff for His cradle. This little child, born anonymously in the most obscure circumstances during the busiest holiday celebrated by the children of Israel, was, in fact, the very God and Redeemer of Israel.

I wanted to catch that in the music, just a little. In what might be considered the chorus version of this piece, where primary children would normally sing, “Asleep, asleep, the Savior in a stall,” I changed things up a bit to match an original melody I used in my arrangement of the hymn, Redeemer of Israel, as if to say, “This tiny child, asleep in the stall, is the very Redeemer of Israel.”

Christmas CD: Still, Still, Still

Still, Still, Still (sample)

I’ve almost got all of the music for my Christmas CD written and recorded. In the next two weeks it will be completed! Yay!

I’ve promised Willowrise that I won’t release full recordings of the pieces. I battled that a bit, but they’re probably right that it will sell more CDs and downloads if you only get to hear samples. Sorry about that. But since the most obvious way to support an artist is to buy their stuff, it makes sense. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to keep something from you, because even though I’d love for you to buy it, I’d rather you hear and not buy the music than neither hear nor buy it! But watch for contests and stuff, because I’ll be giving stuff out for free as much as possible!

So I’m going to post samples that are between one and one and a half minutes long. So all the samples will be less than half of the song. I’ll probably post these samples again as Christmas Approaches, so don’t freak out if you see them showing up again in a couple months!

Anyway, enjoy!